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The Soultown!

Volume IV: Issue 2 FEBRUARY 2020

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It’s Black History Month and we all are celebrating that four-letter word, LOVE. The Soultown’s publisher, Cherie Chillin’ Kabba -- author of the Sankofa Vow -- could not let another issue pass without sending condolences to the families of Kobe and Gianna Bryant and the other passengers that lost their lives in the helicopter crash. This month is filled with stories to be shared. NAACP member and guest writer, Carole Yates shares valuable facts about the restoration process of Iowa Voters. Mehr anzeigen
Welcome to The Soultown Digi & Print Mag. We believe in Ujima, which means to work in a cooperative manner to strengthen our families, understanding that the well-being of our families is connected to the well-being of our neighborhoods. Enjoy! Get your subscription now! Email us at! Subscribe to The Soultown / Send payment to: THE SOULTOWN c/o KABBA KREATIONS • P.O. BOX 444 • WATERLOO, IA • 50704 319-505-4020 • Mehr anzeigen
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