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The Word of God in Romania

1955-1957 - The word of God

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„Well, children do not put your hope in doctors more than in God. Doctors are allowed by Me, but healings come from Me. You have put too much trust in doctors but forgot God, you have pushed Him aside. Brothers, feasting and prayer, this is the cure, and do not say that feasting kills people. Feasting has not killed anyone; on the contrary it has healed.” Mehr anzeigen
„Jerusalem means Whit Sunday; it means the Holy Spirit; it means the building of the Holy Spirit on the earth. ... the name of Jerusalem cannot be put on the walls of stone; it cannot be put on any building; it cannot be put on buildings made by people. Jerusalem is built only by people, of God’s people, which are chosen of the people and become sons of God, a heavenly building on the earth.” Mehr anzeigen
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