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The Word of God in Romania

1959.07.02 - The Word of God

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„Oh, your hand will be put at your mouth so that you cannot be My witnesses, sons! (The Security, the political police of the communist regime, r.n.) Here that I cannot be stopped. My vessel (Through which the Lord speaks, r.n.) will be killed, but I will speak through the trees, stones and through all that you see with your own eyes. If you do not want to be doers, I will speak through all that is on earth to show My power.” Mehr anzeigen
„Jerusalem means Whit Sunday; it means the Holy Spirit; it means the building of the Holy Spirit on the earth. ... the name of Jerusalem cannot be put on the walls of stone; it cannot be put on any building; it cannot be put on buildings made by people. Jerusalem is built only by people, of God’s people, which are chosen of the people and become sons of God, a heavenly building on the earth.” Mehr anzeigen

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