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The Word of God in Romania

1978.05.25 - The Word of God

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„World, world, put off the beautiful and break the connection with the Antichrist and with this nature that the Antichrist made. Son, a day is coming when you will smear your face so that you may no longer be beautiful and leave the beautiful little coat, but know son, that everything you did on earthly with pleasure will be written down in the book.” Mehr anzeigen
„Jerusalem means Whit Sunday; it means the Holy Spirit; it means the building of the Holy Spirit on the earth. ... the name of Jerusalem cannot be put on the walls of stone; it cannot be put on any building; it cannot be put on buildings made by people. Jerusalem is built only by people, of God’s people, which are chosen of the people and become sons of God, a heavenly building on the earth.” Mehr anzeigen

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