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TIM eMagazine

Volume 2 Issue 9

Veröffentlicht am in "Allgemein", Sprache — English. 80 Seiten.
TIMe is the first publication from OPComm Publications, and the first web-based electronic magazine catering towards travel & tourism and the mariner professions, with business sections rolled into one easy reading. Speaking to a vibrant and active community, TIMe provides accurate information and presents up-to-date issues on maritime education and training, government regulations, the local and international shipping trade, and the homegrown Filipino companies and Filipino Values. Mehr anzeigen
TIMe (Travel & International Maritime eMagazine) - the first web-based Travel and Maritime magazine with lifestyle and business sections rolled into one easy read. The first in the Philippines, TIMe enters the savvy market of the on-line pro-active internet users of today. Mehr anzeigen

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