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Underground Runway

Underground Runway Magazine

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Featuring designers, models, community info, art (written and visual), Underground Runway opens the door for artists to become members of the magazine. The magazine still requires a high caliber of work submitted but supports and publishes work that could be deemed imperfect. Underground Runway Magazine actively supports the work even with imperfections. The magazine encourages readers to see the value in the process of becoming exceptional at one's craft. Mehr anzeigen
Underground Runway Scholarship is a non-profit organization located in Oakland, CA. Art and fashion based, we provide educational programming for unsigned and under recognized talent. Engaging with UGRW programming, students are presented with short and long term strategies for personal and professional growth as well as portfolio development. Highly dedicated to the fashion industry, UGRW collaborations involve all sectors of creative industries, including the arts and design. As a means to f Mehr anzeigen

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