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Vegan for Life

Issue 3 April / May 2014

Veröffentlicht am in "Gesundheit & Fitness, Essen & Kochen", Sprache — English. 118 Seiten.
The BONANZA SPRING CLEAN ISSUE features 118 pages of healthy vegan substance, Exclusive celebrity chef Recipes from Mimi Kirk, Sir Paul McCartney, Miriam Sorrell & Russell James, Detox & Rejuvenation tips, Dr Michael Greger, AR news, animal welfare, Vegan Events worldwide, children's author Ruby Roth interview, Vegan rejuvenation, topical insightful features, vegan product reviews, movie clips, and much much more. Mehr anzeigen
The decision to become vegan is an informed choice, so our readers deserve a magazine of substance. ‘Vegan for Life’ delivers just that, covering every aspect of vegan living, seen from the perspective of real people in the real world, rather than the rarefied viewpoint of the celebrity set with its trivial gossip. Thought-provoking content that tackles controversial issues, grass root vegan news, arts, reviews, interviews, health, and exclusive recipes from award-winning Mouthwatering Vegan. Mehr anzeigen
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