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Video Check

Basic Concepts of Video and Editing

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What does it take to get the perfect shot? The best angle? How about the most affordable camera? We know the answer. It's about knowledge. How much do you know about videography and editing? Join me in this issue of Video Check. Together, we'll retrace the steps of learning basic to advanced videography concepts with broadcast cameras. We'll also learn random facts, shortcuts to editing and even what software to buy. Video Check is the ultimate, most innovative approach to videography/editing Mehr anzeigen
There's a brave new world of visual technology out there waiting for you! But what happens if we invest and still have no idea what we're doing? It's the story of my life. Together, you and your video camera are a fine-tuned instrument that can deliver exciting visual content for your friends, employers, etc. This magazines helps to retrace the steps of basic workflow in videography and lead into more detailed discussions, like advanced editing. It's all for your lasting gain! Mehr anzeigen