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Risk Monitoring and Management Trends In Commoditi

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Commodity producers, traders, and industrial consumers are all facing a barrage of risks such as price exposure and cyber vulnerability, as well as legal, credit, operational and market risks. The risks associated with buying, selling, and moving commodities only seem to be increasing exponentially with greater regulatory oversight and a broadening of supply chain operational issues like traceability. Mehr anzeigen
In this ComTech Advisory White Paper, we take a look at the concept of Open Source software in commodity trading. In doing so, we are asking the question, why has this approach not yet been tried? And if it were to be tried, would it help? The white paper is really designed to foster debate around the topic as opposed to take a stance on the issue one way or the other. Acutely aware of the many challenges facing both users and vendors in this fast moving and complex business, ComTech Advisory Mehr anzeigen
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