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Women in Art 278 Magazine

July 2014

Veröffentlicht am in "Kunst, Design", Sprache — English. 60 Seiten.
Women in Art 278 Magazine showcases a variety of female artists - fine arts, photography, ceramics, polymer clay, drawing, painting, writing - from across our beautiful globe. Hyperlinks on each artist's page allows you to delve deeper into the arts that appeal most to your senses. We always welcome new artists. Showcase work from your portfolio or learn more about Women in Art 278 Magazine at www.ART278.org. Congratulations Cover Page Artists: Emilia Gąsienica-Setlak (front) & Eloise Elaine Sch Mehr anzeigen
Women in Art 278 is an international quarterly-published art magazine that showcases female artists across the globe and art genres. More at www.Art278.org or on facebook at www.facebook.com/art278.org. Thank you for supporting the arts! Mehr anzeigen

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