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Nov. 2014

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Rumford fireplaces by Jim Buckley, outdoor brick ovens, featured restaurant, featured baker and instructor Richard Miscovich, wood cutting and storage, chimney maintenance, how to avoid chimney fires, how to avoid dryer vent fires, delicious fall recipes for the wood-fired oven and much much more! For the public and professionals. Mehr anzeigen
Everything you want to know about wood-fired cooking, building and maintenance. We talk about brick ovens, grills, fireplaces, chimneys, masonry heaters, wood stoves, restaurants, and builders - if it has to do with wood and fire it is covered in this magazine! Featured articles cover the best builders and craftsmen, chefs, and manufacturers from around the world. For everyone. Mehr anzeigen
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Tags: cooking · chef · wood · brick · fireplace · oven · stove · fired · chimney
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