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Yoseh – Company Profile (ID)

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Berawal dari klien kami yang merasa kesulitan menemukan Penata Laksana Rumah Tangga (PLRT) yang tepat di Malaysia dan Singapura. Kami hadir sebagai solusi terpadu penyedia jasa Penata Laksana Rumah Tangga (PLRT). Saat ini kami telah melayani klien-klien kami yang tersebar di Singapura, Malaysia, Hongkong, dan Taiwan. Mehr anzeigen
We strive to solve the problem in employing Foreign Domestic Helpers (FDH), or more commonly known as maids. Some employers are just not sure what to do before and after employing an FDH. This is where Yoseh and you step in. With our expertise and our experience, together, we will provide the best match for employers and their potential FDH. Yoseh can be a platform for blue-collar job seekers from around the region of Indonesia & the Philippines to find FDH jobs in Malaysia or Singapore. Mehr anzeigen

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