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Zaoldyeck Kselva Magazine™

Inspiration Issue

Veröffentlicht am in "Mode, Trends", Sprache — English. 80 Seiten.
this issue is an inspiration of our hard work and absolute perfection —random collections few of best fashion brands in Second Life® showed with street life style —we are attracting creative minds to our big affort so they may join us freely —some amazing people work and unique articles you may also find in this issue —sponsored and brought to you by HAPPY LAND ISLE OF WONDERS Mehr anzeigen
Zaoldyeck Kselva Magazine™ is quality digital book for Second Life® community —professional designed offering virtual fashion and life style experience each issue of Zaoldyeck Kselva Magazine™ fires the huge imagination of readers —taking them on a unique journey that is always fascinating trying to reflect back the impact of our fashion inspiration —also some of the editorial topics that you may expect include exclusive articles and interviews about special people and headline events Mehr anzeigen
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