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Alliyah A

Womxn of Color

Published on in “Photography, Photography”, language — English. 42 pages.
In efforts to create an archive of the womxn of color at Haverford College, I asked my sisters to come take a seat with me. I wanted to take a pause to simply check in. This photoshoot was a reminder that we are not here simply to be of service. But I wanted to remind the womxn here that they too are allowed to dream. We have goals, passions, and aspirations. Therefore, the 15 short minutes under the light was their time. To laugh, to smile, to cry, to think, and to be present. More
Alliyah Allen is a student photographer, writer, and activist. Her work deals with exploring intersections of blackness, womanhood, spirituality, and liberation. Photography and writing are merely tools--as Alliyah intends to use them as part of a mission to empower and give space to those who are unseen and unheard. Dedicated to art and social change, Alliyah hopes to promote diversity, culture, and justice with her professional work. More
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