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Brand Spur

Issue 4 - 4th Edition

Published on in “Business, Business”, language — English. 114 pages.
The power of a brand name lies in the meaning of the word and what it connotes in the mind of consumers and a brand cannot get into the mind of consumers if it doesn’t stand for something. October was a busy in terms of super packed loads of brand activities( events & activation across Nigeria and BrandSpur Ng brings this all to you in addition to revealing money making sectors as well as giving kudos to selected entrepreneurs who despite the odds are winning in their businesses. More
BrandSpur NG, not only shows the brands that are ‘loud in their talking’ across categories, it also puts together a spectrum of news about happenings in the business and consumer markets. It reveals the direction brands are adopting to stay afloat in this sinking time , prices of commodities, the impact of celebrity endorsement on brands as well as the potential of charcoal among others for your reading pleasure. More
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