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Are you building your brand based on someone else's success? Yes Oprah did it , Yes Steve Jobs did it , Yes Lady Gaga did it.... But Can you? Answering this question honestly could save you a lot of money, while not realistically understanding your individual potential could leave you bankrupt . Brand.ed Magazine is for the new market; the next 50 years of our culture. Learn how to nurture your vision , brand your business and keep your business competitive. Published by | #TheVippers

Issue 4 : #i4War
Brand.ed Magazine Issue 4 : #i4War
Issue 3 : #i3Key
Brand.ed Magazine Issue 3 : #i3Key
Issue 2 : #i2Elevate
Brand.ed Magazine Issue 2 : #i2Elevate
Issue 1 : #i1Rewire
Brand.ed Magazine Issue 1 : #i1Rewire