Chaum Lift Center 2013 Program Nov. 2013 Click to read
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Chaum Lift Center 2013 Program

Nov. 2013

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Chaum is the premier wellness, longevity, and aesthetic medical facility located in the heart of Seoul, Korea. Combining the wisdom and the techniques from many different schools of therapy including oriental medicine, western medicine, and alternative medicine; and also from stem-cell therapies, exercise prescription, and food therapies--Chaum is truly a life center of the future. When people go to the hospital, it's normally because they have discovered an illness. While many people are not sick they aren't of perfect health either. This area between wellness and illness is called the "Gray Zone." The professionals at Chaum study your personal Gray Zone; and if they identify any signs in your Gray Zone which may result in illness, they attend to those and offer an extensive range of treatments to make you as healthy as you can be. More
The "Power Aging" Lift Center offers you the first revolutionary integration of Eastern, Western and Alternative Medicine. Chaum embodies the refinement of essential healing techniques that are vital to achiveing optimal health, joyful living and a commitment to lasting change. More
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