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Edutimes Newspaper

Edutimes Online Newspaper Issue No 1 (revised 6)

Published on in “Education, Education”, language — English. 14 pages.
Activities in the education sector – publish general information about education and related matters. Improvements in science and technology subjects – (i.e. to publish JETS activities, their projects, profile pupils who have won various projects). Motivational columns – what will assist learners to understand how to shape their future and make informed decisions. Performances of high flyer pupils in both private and public education institutions. Column for pupils press clubs in schools, More
The Edutimes Online is a newspaper whose aim is to publish development educational news with a view to promote academic literacy, enhance student achievement, emphasise analytical thinking and motivate learners to be involved in academic activities. The newspaper will also act as a live text book for teachers with up to date material on a number of issues as well as offer an expanded curriculum with unlimited information to use as background for learning activities. More
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