Green This Season - Digital Conscious Fashion Magazine Issue #3 Click to read
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Green This Season - Digital Conscious Fashion Magazine

Issue #3

Published on in “Fashion, Fashion”, language — English. 44 pages.
It was all about Upcycle and Recycle. Inspirational stories, quotes, articles about recycle and upcycle. Read Naomi Maaravi's story. Check some eCoology Urban Styles made from recycled material. This issue is about the concept Recycle & Upcycle. There is already so much available, instead of continuously consuming, look around, get creative and see if there is anything you can recycle. More
Consumerism doesn't have to be a dirty word. Your clothes don't have to be disposable commodities. Fashion doesn't have to be fast. At Green This Season we provide the alternative; a means of escaping the vicious whirlwind of mass production, rapid turnover and fleeting trends. We are a platform for independent designers who are mindful of environmental and ethical practices in the creation of their collections. A stylish aesthetic with a clear conscience. More

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