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My School Rocks!

2014-05 Dan Povenmire

Published on in “Children’s”, language — English. 44 pages.
Phineas and Ferb are Gonna Do It All. The Heart of the Story. Create At Home Animation. Gardening with Kids. Outdoor Classrooms. running Mates. Minecraft Builds Minds. Nature Scavenger Hunt. Cork Board. Rebranding to the Hornets. Hidden Valley Elementary. Steele Creek Elementary. Eastover Elementary. Baxter Scores Big. Summer Fun (Games and Puzzles). Make Your Own Driveway Paint. Make a Meteorite. Bubble, Bubble, Bubble... Pop! Elephant Herds Enjoy Warm Weather. More
My School Rocks provides innovative and engaging monthly magazines to foster respect for education and engage primary school students to read and learn. It is a family magazine committed to fostering a greater awareness in the arts and science among K-5 aged students, and sharing information, tips, and advice with parents/guardians of school aged children. The magazine features articles written by both students and freelance writers and covers a broad range of topics. More
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