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Pickleball Magazine

2-1 Courtesy of The Pickleball Guru

Published on in “Golf & Tennis, Golf & Tennis”, language — English. 68 pages.
Happy New Year and welcome back to Pickleball Magazine! Just one year ago, we jumped into the pickleball arena not really sure what to expect. What we have since learned is that pickleball has a very passionate following. Your letters and suggestions have poured in and we are very thankful. They have provided wonderful guidance as we got our feet wet. Many of your suggestions have already been implemented in the first season’s issues — while many others will be added in the future. Here’s a snap More
The past few months in the world of pickleball have been especially exciting, culminating with the National Championships in Casa Grande, AZ, over nine days in November. The competition was like nothing I’ve seen before, as more and more skilled racquet sports players make the transition to pickleball. The trend is similar to what happened with platform tennis when its popularity exploded, and I’m confident that pickleball’s growth and popularity will follow the same trajectory. Featured on the More
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