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PROBASHI- A Cultural News Magazine

Volume 2 Issue 2

Published on in “Ethnic & Culture”, language — English. 68 pages.
First friendly contact with the Sentinelese Tribe Uttarakhand Flood Rescue & Relief Lifetime dedicated to Premchand ChakDe: Winning the World (a all girl football team in Jharkhand) Interview with Moloyashree Hashmi Yamuna Jiye Abhiyaan Mangal Turbine Making of Imperial Delhi Man who almost won India her first Nobel Prize in Medicine Documentation of Bengal Terracota Temples Old Newspapers of Calcutta Poetry Section Bangla Setion More
All of us living in metropolises are in the midst of a melting pot of cultures. Probashi (in bangla) or Pravaasi (in hindi) is a term used for people like us, those who are living outside their home state, town or village. We, the Probashies or Pravasies, are uniquely positioned to adopt the best which each state has to offer. In our home states, the domestic culture becomes so overarching, that literature, poetry, art, architecture, history etc of other regions of the country, remains oblivious to us. In Bengal, Tagore is formidable, while in Tamilnadu, poet Thiruvalluvar is pre eminent. Maybe those living outside both the states, can attempt to see the genius of both the men, for their philosophy, speaks essentially the same thing. It is with this aim of cross cultural interaction that Durga Puja & Cultural Association has started a cultural news magazine Probashi. No culture, can survive if it attempts to be exclusive. Openness to new ideas, respect for an alternate point of view and readiness to accept the best which the world has to offer, drives a culture and its members towards excellence. More
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