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Published on in “Business, Business”, language — English. 22 pages.
Many construction and contracting firms today suffer from a lack of visibility into key performance metrics. We call this “keyhole visibility” because it’s the equivalent of trying to evaluate what’s happening in a room by looking through a keyhole. With a narrow view, you’re unable to fully understand what’s behind the door and what might be lurking around the corner. Likewise, with insufficient reporting on project and business details, you must make critical decisions with limited information More
Sage delivers Job Ready solutions that empower construction and real estate professionals to think boldly, act decisively, and run their businesses more efficiently. Job Ready solutions help you: Contain costs, reduce risk, and keep projects moving by acting decisively. Gain clear visibility into the people, processes, and projects that drive your business. Benefit from purpose-built software that employs the latest IT tools where they make the biggest impact for your business. More

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