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Since 2006, South magazine has been the award-winning resource to getting the most out of life on the Creative Coast. An adrenaline-laced bi-monthly based in Savannah, Georgia, South brings together a crisp, fresh design, first-rate editorial and gripping photos from nationally published photographers to highlight the distinctive and evolving heritage of the South. From dining out and events and entertainment, to Southern culture and personalities, South is a celebration of the style of the new

76: Health & Wellness
South magazine 76: Health & Wellness
75: Food, Film & Famous Folks
South magazine 75: Food, Film & Famous Folks
74: Southern Style Issue
South magazine 74: Southern Style Issue
73: Power Issue
South magazine 73: Power Issue
72: Travel & Adventure Issue
South magazine 72: Travel & Adventure Issue
71: Health & Wellness Issue
South magazine 71: Health & Wellness Issue
69: Power Issue
South magazine 69: Power Issue
68: Money & Law Issue
South magazine 68: Money & Law Issue
67: Travel Issue
South magazine 67: Travel Issue
66: Arts Issue
South magazine 66: Arts Issue
65: Health Issue
South magazine 65: Health Issue
64: Food, Film, & Famous Folks
South magazine 64: Food, Film, & Famous Folks