The Cry From a Ghetto's Heart

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The Cry From a Ghetto's Heart

Published on in “Urban, Ethnic & Culture”, language — English. 60 pages.
The Cry From a Ghetto's Heart is a composition of poetry that goes back as far as 1999. Throughout my years of writing and performing I have kept a collection of my poems and now I wish to share them with the world. Some of these poems are simply from the heart so I am not expecting everyone to understand, however my poems have a great dealing to do with the stories of those who were raised in poverty and found it pretty difficult to overcome. The Cry From a Ghetto's Heart is my dying attempt to reach those who feel they are at the bottom only to say I am extending my heart, my times, my life, and my pain only to help someone else who may need it. More
The Cry From a Ghetto's Heart is a collection of poetry written over the course of many years. Poetry is a healer of words that can soothe the minds of others who truly care to read or listen. This book is a crutch that will open the eyes of a culture that is overlooked by many. More
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