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<The Journey to the West> Poems

Version 1.0

Published on in “Children’s, Education”, language — Arabic. 192 pages.
The Journey to the West” is considered by most scholars as one of the four masterpieces of classical Chinese literature. This creative e-book contains a series of bilingual short poems in Chinese (traditional and simplified) and English, with audio recitation feature. They enable the readers to gain a deeper appreciation of Chinese culture and Mandarin. “The Journey to the West – Learn with Me” poems are also available in the form of mobile apps, as well as paper book. More
古典长篇小说《西游记》是中国四大名著之一。它主要描写三个徒弟:孙悟空、猪八戒和沙僧护送师傅圣僧唐三藏(唐僧或玄奘)西行天竺(今印度)求(佛)法和取(佛)经的艰辛过程。师徒四人一路抢滩涉险,降妖伏怪,并历经多重苦难,终于取得真经,修成正果。 《西游记》有独特和广泛的哲学,更富有人民性、文化和艺术的价值。除了带给读者们丰富的想象力和创造力之外,更能产生启发作用,同时培养出一种明辨是非的观念和不屈不挠、勇往直前的精神。为了激发人们对《西游记》的兴趣,对中国文化的了解、欣赏与热爱,也为了让全世界读者们更容易地认识中国文化和学习普通话,我们特别创作了这本中、英文双语及简、繁体对照的《西游记》诗歌朗诵集和一套更完整的移动式《西游记 跟我学》诗歌应用版本 More
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