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The Saber and Scroll Journal

Volume 2, Issue 4, Fall 2013

Published on in “History, History”, language — English. 171 pages.
Welcome to the seventh issue of the American Public University Sys-tem (APUS)’s Saber and Scroll Journal. This is our “Revolutionary” issue – an issue dedicated “Revolutions that changed the world.” This issue reflects a focus on topics of history and historiography dealing with revolutions, including the American Revolution, the French Revolution, and the Russian Revolution as well as revolutions in communications, transportation, technology, and civil rights - “revolutions” that had a dramatic More
Welcome to the summer issue of the Saber and Scroll! We are excited that we are now a part of the Policy Studies Organization’s Open Access Journal program. For 7 years, the Saber and Scroll Journal was under the auspices of the Saber and Scroll History Society at the American Public University System. That changed in April of this year when the journal was moved to be the official journal of the American Public University’s Historical Studies Honor Society. More

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