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Published on in “General, Teen”, language — English. 30 pages.
The TNT members are young people that decided to get together and actually DO SOMETHING in their lives, their friends’ lives and in their school and town. They are not just a group of adolescents, but they are a group of people who want to know more, learn more and tell more to others. They are very different in their ideas but the same in their motivation. Most of them will meet their destiny, others will enjoy, but some of them are just going to sit there, observe and learn. If you are that type of person who is observing, you will see that each one in that club has his own character, his own way of telling his ideas and his own way of communicating. In one corner you can see Dime and Vasko having a conversation in English, which is kind of weird (I didn’t say this), in the other corner you see Martin with his friends and you can hear him saying “I’m not interested,” a bit further you will see Elena Danova always telling her opinions in a way that only she can do it, right ahead is Mite Janachkov, smiling all the time. The professor always saying “Let’s listen to each other” and Austin teaching us how to be great journalists, with his drawings of course. By the way, did I mention the girls: Makedonka, Ivona, Biljana, Simona, Aneta, Eli and everyone else, they are always here to say something that will make you smile and to remind you that you are not alone in your problems at school and home. And in the end there is me, sitting in the corner and saying: “ Oooh, not again in the corner, I’m definitely not getting married.” So, I hope I have succeeded in showing you how we work, how we act and how we bread. For those that I didn’t mention, that means they are still a mystery to me. If you want to meet our team you are welcome to join us. More
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