Water, Sewage & Effluent September-October 2017 Click to read
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Water, Sewage & Effluent

September-October 2017

Published on in “Business”, language — English. 44 pages.
Water is increasingly becoming the most sought-after commodity, more valuable than the billions of barrels of oil gushing out of the Middle Eastern desert, and more valuable than gold or diamonds. Water is the very elixir of life. More
Industry Has the future dried up for mining? The mining industry has not escaped the devastation caused by El Niño and careful planning is needed to ensure a sustainable future. 16 Debate Back to the future? Vetiver grass presents a low-tech, low-cost, highly sustainable add-on solution to treating wastewater. 24 Infrastructure How to build a 50Mℓ self-cleaning reservoir Pre-cast elements are used to build the colossal 15m-high Mafenya Reservoir in North West Province. We investigate the unique, More
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