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WeWorkout #1

Published on in “Health & Fitness, Beauty”, language — English. 26 pages.
We are a fun Fitness Magazine. We select classes that for sure, will encourage you to leave your sofa! No matter how fit you are, you will feel welcome to "come on in" and come back! We tell you how to add this "epicurean touch" to your meals, or where to eat to never feel frustrated. We also select clean beauty products compatible with an active lifestyle.Finally, we love a good story telling! At WeWorkout, we want to give a voice to the coolest people making our fitness journey happen. More
Hello 2020, a new decade where Fitness is more fashionable than ever! From blogs, to personal trainers, to influencers on social networks...By now, you might feel your eyes have seen millions of pictures that kind of all look the same. This is the reason why we launched WeWorkout. A Fitness and Wellness magazine that chooses quality over quantity. A magazine to show that Fitness is fun, glamorous and accessible (even if you don't exercise regularly!). More

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