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Carp Angler Magazine CAM, Carpoholic Anonymous

Issue 48, April 2018

Publicado el en “Caza y Pesca”, Idioma — English. 30 páginas.
Issue 48 March 2018 features World Classic Baits Tournament Trail Ed Wagner and Mike Dragone, Hit & Run Carp Rig, CarpOholic Bait tips with Joe Turnbull, Carp Love or Hate them Harry Goodliffe, Lorne Morley Memorial, Together at Last Carp n Bass, 2018 Begins Jeff Skelton on Dale Hollow, Why use helicopter rigs James Armstrong, Tangle-free rig Mathew Lockett, The Goo Bible Korda, Carp ANglers Group CAG 2018 North East Carp Conference NECC Phil Nathan, Mainline Baits Bait Tips Lawrence East Más
A magazine covering carp fishing as a sport in the USA with articles and news on USA carp fishing, tournaments, bait recipes, tips, strategies, step by step guides. Our writers talk about experiences fishing venues and tactics. Product reviews links to find items talked about. Videos, and Magnificent Photography Más
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