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Current Pedorthics

March-April 2013 | Vol. 45, Issue 2

Publicado el en “Salud y Estado Físico, Salud y Estado Físico”, Idioma — English. 68 páginas.
SPRING ISSUE: Table of Contents: 1) Differential Diagnosis of Heel Pain - 2) Symposium 101: What Does It Take To Put-on The Greatest Show Around? - 3) Alternative Business Models: Beyond The Brick & Mortar Store/Office Front - 4) Writing the Bullet Proof Claim: Make it Clear and Precise - 5) How to Avoid and Prevent Medical Billing Errors in Pedorthics...and more! Más
Current Pedorthics magazine, the official bimonthly digital publication of the Pedorthic Footcare Association (PFA), is the only professional publication solely dedicated to the allied health care field of pedorthics. Coverage includes practical analysis of relevant medical literature; evidence-based device utilization and other treatment techniques; cutting-edge clinical and industry news; and practice management, marketing tips and business strategy. Más
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