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DTOURS [paper] Paris+

Apr. 2013

Publicado el en “Alternativa”, Idioma — English. 76 páginas.
One part of this issue is dedicated to Paris. Another part to the rest of the world. Fashion-Music-Art Sartorial-CuttingEdge-Artisan Más
DTOURS [paper] Paris+ 002 issue DTOURS[paper] magazine is the first step towards the formation of the 'Institution of Sartorial Fashion and Art" in Russia. The form of paper was chosen to popularise these influences and concepts in simple and understandable way. Each issue (1/2) is dedicated to one city and it contains no publishing data. We hope it'll become timeless... DTOURS[paper] is the first intel newspaper in Russia. Russia, Saint-Petersburg Since 2009 all rights reserved (c) Más
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