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Frederick Deserva

Documentation of Traslacion 2015-2017

Publicado el en “Fotografía, Fotografía”, Idioma — English. 35 páginas.
Devotees clad in maroon, barefoot, spiritually euphoric and wild vie with each other for the honor of pulling the rope. The streets of Quiapo transformed into a raging sea of human bodies, waving banners of maroon and gold. Men climb over the others to wipe the black image with a white handkerchief or even kiss it. This is the Feast of the Black Nazarene – a puzzling devotion even to some Catholics. all photos are copyright protected (c) Frederick Deserva 2017 Más
My name is Frederick Deserva and I am from Manila, Philippines. I am 24 years old and I've been photographing all over the Philippines for almost 2 years now. Photographing for me is just a reaction to what I’d like to preserve through my experiences with friends and travels. I like the fact that getting photos involves sometimes ( and most of the times) a directionless kind of exploring. It’s definitely a documentation for me, but I feel gravitate towards loose, almost contrived looking scenes. Más
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