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Publicado el en “Celebridades y Rumores, Moda”, Idioma — English. 68 páginas.
Issue 25 - April 2017 EXCLUSIVE: Interview with actress and model Nikki Leigh talks auditions, girl power, photo shop, being on set, her faves and more. Also Included: Gigi Rich Priscilla Ford Nathan Areas Rebecca Foreman Gabby Fabrizio WiseWear + more Más
Gold Crwn was created in 2013 by me. It started as a small idea to change the relationship between the media and celebrities. At the time media was and still is known for tearing apart celebrities for almost everything. Gold Crwn was created to target the important stuff that fans want to hear about and celebrities want to talk about. It is like a small entertainment movement. Gold Crwn is developed to give a celebrity a platform to showcase what really matters, their talent who they are. Más
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