ICT Portfolio

My ICT portfolio, all the work done over the first semester of Teacher Education programme at the CFB college. It was a relaxing class that helps to improve or gain knowledge of Information Technology and how it can be applied inside of the classroom. As teachers moving toward the modern day technology and children this is something we must adapt. Going forward I know we can all benefit from all the information learned from Mr Morton.

ICT L.Powell Recommendations
ICT Portfolio ICT L.Powell Recommendations
SUmmary statement
ICT Portfolio SUmmary statement
ICT Portfolio video
L.Powell Excel
ICT Portfolio L.Powell Excel
ICT Portfolio gimp2
Certificate L.Powell
ICT Portfolio Certificate L.Powell
Graphics & Text Animation L.P1
ICT Portfolio Graphics & Text Animation L.P1
ICT L.Powell Acknowledgements
ICT Portfolio ICT L.Powell Acknowledgements
ICT Portfolio ICT L
Title page ict  L.Powell
ICT Portfolio Title page ict L.Powell