Juliette Gauthier - Montmorency Nomades (volume 1) Haga clic para leer
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Juliette Gauthier - Montmorency Nomades

(volume 1)

Publicado el en “Universidades Deportivas, Universidades Deportivas”, Idioma — English. 16 páginas.
"My desire to improve and to make my team win makes me take the right decisions concerning my diet, individual trainings and my conditioning to name a few." Más
'' I am a girl that is passionate about the game of basketball. This passion pushes me to aim for excellence not only on the court and in trainings, but also in my education so I can get in the program I want in university. High school really made me develop good habits not only in basketball, but also in school, which allowed me to pursuit my career with Montmorency, a program that is continuing to develop me more and more every day.'' Más
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