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LIKEiT Magazine Vol 1 Issue 1

Jul. 2012

Publicado el en “Alternativa”, Idioma — English. 64 páginas.
LIKEit Magazine takes advantage of the world wide web for its contents (who does not, really?!). But the search for good contents does not end there. Whatever stuff they can get their hands on, they will! This is what makes LIKEiT magazine tick! Más
LIKEiT Magazine give viewers the concise, straight to the point information of everything that is of interest. Only the bare essentials, the nitty-gritty facts, enough for them to digest in an instant. The good stuff, the cream of the cream… the icing on the cake. And if they want more, we provide the link to the actual sites. In short, LIKEiT Magazine connect the dots -- the researching and everything and give it in one complete interactive magazine package. Interesting, humorous, out-of-this-w Más
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