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Lipstick Chronicles

Volume 1 Issue 3 - April 2015

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LC Magazine is an inspirational digital magazine. A lot of people have overcome obstacles in their lives; connect with them. You want tips on dating and/or keeping your marriage spicy? It’s all in the magazine. Also, read about new businesses that are out there. Be prepared to READ. LC Magazine is not your typical magazine that has pictures and celebrity gossip. It has a lot of inspirational reading that will help in your growth process. CONNECT WITH US! Más
Lipstick Chronicles (aka LC Mag) is an online magazine. We have stories from your everyday people. We are NOT celebrity based. OUr articles range from dating, marriage and families, overcoming abusive relationships, spirituality, healing, divorce and breakups, living a healthier life, parenting and we will have a section for kids in each issue. Be prepared to READ all the amazing articles and connect with people around the world just like you. CONNECT WITH US! Más
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