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Machete Girl Magazine

9.2 Carbon Particles Free Version

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In this Issue, ROMA, hacks, cracks and slashes her way into your heart. ANGELSPIT returns for a full featured interview. A follow up to the epic article on Neon Dystopia about cyberpunk clothing. A new section "In-Retrospect" for series 9. An evil dumpling monster attracted to neon lights and a practical guide on the persecution of Mendax. And so much more! The more patrons we have, the more awesome cyberpunk shit we can deliver to you. Machete Girl is now a monthly publication. Check out the Más
Australia's Premiere Cyberpunk Publication. In this issue we explore the Synthwave movement and talk a little about the Cyber Cold War and of course feature a new Machete Girl Mathilde the VR Net Survivalist of the future whose apparatus makes her and you feel everything. To unlock the full edition and much more upgrade to be a patron! Más
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