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Memoria [EN]

Nr 35 (08/2020)

Publicado el en “Historia, Educación”, Idioma — English. 27 páginas.
Inside: - Jewish resistance to the Holocaust. A new exhibition at the Wiener Holocaust Library in London. - Permanent exhibition at the Museum and Memorial in Sobibór to be completed soon. - Sinti and Roma Genocide Remembrance Day - Tourism with Values. Interview with the director of the Centre of Dialogue and Prayer Fr. Jan Nowak. - New online museum of YIVO Institute for Jewish Research - How, not if: Remembrance in a digital era: Más
The memory of the Shoah, concentration camps, extermination camps and other areas of the human tragedy of World War II is being created around the world in many places and by several people. The monthly magazine "Memoria" is meant to be a place, where we will write and talk about our collective efforts and mission to preserve memory. Más
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