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Nu Vibez and Roleplay Guide Magazine -

February 2014

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50 Shades of Valentines, our celebration for the month of love in creativity. Also celebrating Black History month, & our tribute to Nelson Mandela. The Hypergrid Business report joins us with an open letter to the Lindens now that CEO Rod Humble has resigned, Stroker Serpentine's interview concludes in this personal part 2 & we delve into Philip Rosedale's new Virtual World endeavor, High Fidelity. There's so much more so join us for February and DON'T FORGET TO HUNT FOR THE PHRASE THAT PAYS!! Más
Nu Vibez is a pop-culture online & in-world publication focused on topics of interest to virtual residents & “real-world” people alike. We cover a wide range of topics including: News, Contemporary Issues, Fashion, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Role Play, Gaming, Health, Psychology, Technology, Sports & more. The Nu Vibez/Roleplay Guide audience ranges in ages from 18 to 60 from a varied and diverse group of life disciplines. Get more depth & submit news at our main site Más
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