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Our World Media Magazine

Issue 2 (Winter 2016)

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In this edition you will read about some very thoughtful and illuminating interviews conducted by Ms. Pauline Swift. Ms. Swift experience and skill as a journalist is inviting. From the continent of Africa to America, Africa being the earliest cradle of human civilization, we salute the Month of February for being that month when the history of all African Americans in the United States and beyond is given special attention. Inspired by that credence, we have highlighted a few stories, one about Más
Our World Media magazine team welcomes everyone as we take off to soar to greater heights. We appreciate your taking time to join us in this celebration and look to continuing to nature the relationship. Our choice of Langston Hughes Library here in Corona Queens as venue for our magazine launch is not accidental. As a citadel for knowledge and black culture we needed to make the statement about how we treasure and place a high premium on knowledge, how we will use our magazine to enlighten, Más
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