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Plenty Sport : EZINE

22 PRO League Football

Publicado el en “Salud y Estado Físico, Salud y Estado Físico”, Idioma — English. 10 páginas.
Plenty Sport 22 takes a temporary deviation to check in on the highly popular sport of Football. Featured is the TT Pro League. Learn about the Sharks of football and their winning ways and find out who is emerging in the sport of table tennis. Also find out who won the Plenty Fete Match Football Season 2 and get the information on some classic movies on football worth watching. Upcoming events include Juliet Robin and the grand EVP dance studio event. Más
The objectives of this publication continues to be to: Promote awareness of sports which are less visible in the media but do attract a following and a wider participant interest. Bring to the fore young and upcoming adults who are well poised in the sport or discipline of such sports And last but not least encourage wider participation by the public at large in the engagement of healthy physical activities to promote health, well being and a greater level of fitness Más
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