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Sentinella Magazine

Issue Eighteen - February 2019

Publicado el en “Salud y Estado Físico, Salud y Estado Físico”, Idioma — English. 22 páginas.
In this issue we take a closer look at Polaris, the meta-dimenional comic. Along with our regular features looking at Ludosport's members and clans. We get a great look at the sport from the outside. Más
Light Saber Combat is a relatively new sport. The oldest international Sporting Academy is Ludosport, Est. 2006, now with academies across the world this is perhaps the busiest sporting Light Saber organisation. ​ Sentinella's vision is to bring the sport of Light Saber Combat the coverage and legitimacy that it needs to be taken seriously.  It is a dynamic, elegant, fantastic to behold! This Magazine will help explain elements of the sport for both members and spectators worldwide. Más
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