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Teach Middle East Magazine

Sep-Oct 2018 Issue 1 Volume 6

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It is the start of a new school year and for many educators reading this magazine, this school year marks a leap into the unknown. Many of you have moved yourself and possibly your families to a new part of the world to start a new life and experience something different. If this is you, then welcome to the Middle East. Others of you, may not have taken such a great leap this year, but by moving schools, grades or even locations, within the Middle East, you have made a change nonetheless. Más
Teach Middle East Magazine is a termly magazine focusing on connecting, empowering and developing educators in the Middle East region and beyond. Throughout the year, our emphasis is on providing educators with meaningful resource materials, strategies and methodologies that help to promote sharing good practice in schools. We are equally committed to the personal development of educators and provide informative articles addressing their lifestyle needs in After the Bell. Más
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