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The Russian Gabba

Issue 3 (Sep. 2018)

Publicado el en “Solidaridad e Interés Social”, Idioma — Russian. 60 páginas.
This time, with the help of Anna Mikhaylova and Mila Snegurova, our experts on bilingualism, The Russian Gabba will reveal the secrets of developing bilingual abilities in your child, will tell you about the routine and festivities of volunteer movement camaraderie, and a beautiful Brisbane artist who was capable of depicting a human’s sole. Moreover, The Russian Gabba will introduce you to a centenarian Angelica Kokshakoff and her amazing life, guide you to the Russian past with the story about Más
We are excited to introduce you to The Russian Gabba - the very first bilingual magazine published in both English and Russian. The RG is issued in and for Queensland but is also distributed interstate and overseas. The magazine aims at creating a space for Russian immigrants in Australia to share their stories about life, travel, art, food, body and mind, career and hobbies, and other interesting topics. We are a platform that allows different voices speak about what matters to them Más
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