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Real Religion, Relative Religion | December 2015 |

Publié sur dans “Religion et spiritualité, Religion et spiritualité”, langue – English. 24 pages.
Jai satchitanand friends, Have you noticed that we have been guided since our birth as to which religion we belong to? We are Jain or Vaishnav or Sikhs etc! There are a number of relative religions in the world and people simply follow them as guided by their ancestors & scriptures. In this issue let us take a look into different relative religions of the world and their spiritual belief. Real Religion is swa-dharm or atma-dharm, understanding of spirituality as perceived by an Enlightened Maste Plus
BY the Youth, OF the Youth, FOR the Youth. Spiritual solutions and right undertanding for a happy and successful life. Magazine by Dada Bhagwan Foundation. Plus
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