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Ang Kalatas Volume IV

May 2014 Issue

Publié sur dans “Général”, langue – English. 20 pages.
In this issue: Dami and Osang on one stage • A view to a new brand of leadership • Pinay student in 'Big Conversation' • El Shaddai Youth stages Passion play • APSL marches at rainy Anzac Day parade • FLAGCOM turns 5 • AK in microfilm • Retire at 65, not 70 - seniors say • Maria Paz Barcenas... from playtimes to class acts • Interior design by mail order • Pampanga Best retains title • UPAAA-NSW Oblation Cup raises funds for Typhoon Yolanda-stricken scholars • Customs men nab title Plus
Ang Kalatas Australia is a community newspaper that brings into Focus Filipino presence in Australia. Read Ang Kalatas Australia on the web, in print, on your smartphone or tablet. Ang Kalatas is the only community-based Filipino newspaper in New South Wales, Australia that delivers content through multiple channels: print, web, eNewspaper and e-mail newsletter. Plus

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