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Volume 04 : Wildlife Photography

Publié sur dans “Photographie, Photographie”, langue – English. 27 pages.
Wildlife Photography is the most sought after genre of photography today. In our 4th Volume, we have explored the avenues far from the reality with photographers like, Dr. Serhat Demiroglu, Neal Cooper, Dr. Naresh Swami, Natalie Bondarenko and many more. The street photography gets real in this one as it covers the streches of North to South Parts of India with Sarathi Thamodaran and Deepti Asthana. Photographer Alexander Yakovlev and Noe Lozano presents us the most beautiful of portraits, both Plus
Chiiz is a set podium for crackerjacks to come forward and showcase their visual aptitude in a way that they can learn more, explore more and at the same time groove and enjoy more. Chiiz relates to the phrase “VENI VIDI CEPI” which says I came I saw I captured. Chiiz is a one-for-all-all-for-one portal designed for multi-user purpose. One can choose its type (photographer, model, stylist, photo studio, photography club, service providers or visitor) to get fringe benefits and associate with di Plus
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